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Baci in Italian means “kiss”. Baci Lingerie is a new name of magnificent erotic women’s lingerie, which for the first time was presented at the International Lingerie Show in Las Vegas in USA, in April 2010.


Baci Lingerie was already known for the most expensive and prestige photo shoot and video production of lingerie. World’s famous fashion models, who were trained by the team of show performance specialists, perfectly demonstrated 500 models of the brand in 1000 photos and 500 videos. This 1.6 million Euro shoot was held throughout 4 extravagant castles, which are situated in Southern Germany and in France (Paris), and became the ideal background for this erotic lingerie. To test the demand for this exclusive women’s lingerie, Baci Lingerie carried out the pre-sales program of its products for private clients in Europe, the result was unambiguous: almost all underwear was sold during the first few weeks, but some individual models got excellent customer reviews.


The main feature of Baci Lingerie is a perfect design and a high quality at the maximally lowest price. Most of companies that offer women’s lingerie sell their models at much higher prices, which are affordable just for the rich public. BACI chose a revolutionary way, offering gorgeous and sexy lingerie, which can be afforded by practically everyone. The new pricing policy became realizable thanks to a large amount of products directly delivered from Asia without any intermediaries. During price formation were taken into account the initial cost and very low markup to all models of Baci Lingerie.

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