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Women`s panties did not always have the same look as they have now. In the past, people didn`t wear underwear at all. However strange it may seem, but the first panties appeared earlier than shoes, but they were very long. However, in the course of time they became shorter. It happened together with the era of progress. Everything was changing very quickly. First of all, started to produce men`s underwear. Later women began to wear it also, although women didn`t accept panties for a long time, but the increased interest in them and their sexuality won. And so during relatively short time women`s panties became a necessity of fair sex`s wardrobe. Currently a wide range of panties is available in shops. In the online shop – StarStyle there is also a wide range of models, of different colors, with laces, bows, made using soft materials. Choosing panties, women do not think about the fact that no one will see them, or only one person will see them. Studying some model of panties in a shop-window, a woman listens to her impulses, feelings, taste. Panties are created to fit well a female figure, to make it look even more sexual and courageous. Nowadays there are offered a wide range of models -tanga, shorts, thongs, strings, and midi and maxi briefs. Each briefs are unique, they are made of silk, cotton, knitted or crocheted fabrics. Some of models, when you wear them under clothes, create the effect like you do not put on underwear at all. This can be achieved using a lowered waist and seamless sewing. Such models look great with evening dresses, tight-fitting trousers and skirts. In 1970s American men, actors created eatable women`s underwear. This unique element of wardrobe was made from chocolate or fruits, as well as they had a typical smell of raspberry, strawberry or apple. This innovation was approved by the whole world. Only Australia was an exception, it struggled with this innovation in various ways. One actor even went to Japan, to find new and more refined variants. First products of such kind were made from starch and corn. Authors and developers of this idea earned good money thanks to their innovation. Now they live in a great mansion, doing their business. But people around the world thank them for this exotic thing, from which men absolutely go mad. Eatable women`s briefs have a centuries-long history, when one man from Oxford County in 1895th (for milk not to go bad) decided to produce this element of wardrobe from cheese! But this "thing" was quickly worn out, so it was decided to give it to the cattle. But the inventor had a great shock when he found out that it was given to servants, not to cattle. A short time ago a real breakthrough in the fashion world was made by strings. There is quite a great number of dresses and pants, which are sewn from semi-transparent materials. But all usual panties with ribbons, bows, laces and embroideries, with such kind of dress will look out of place, spoiling all original appearance. While strings – that`s another matter. They are sewn in such a way, that in general there are no straps on hips, but nevertheless is provided tight-fitting effect. Wearing such element of wardrobe on a date, it will be very easy to intrigue a man. His thoughts will be occupied with a question - whether a woman wears lingerie, or maybe no. In addition, strings play the most important function in a woman`s life - to look always beautiful and attractive in men`s eyes. Women always try to follow fashion trends and to choose correctly clothing, which will perfectly suit them. Exactly the same is related to women`s underwear. Women love to experiment. So, representatives of fair sex, who always wear boxers, for sure will buy something new and interesting. Most of women love slip-briefs, because these briefs are sewn in such a way, that they fit absolutely all types of figure. Boxers are loved by men, because they emphasize hips. Women wear seductive underwear not only to provoke men, but also to ensure feeling of comfort. Another interesting model which was the privilege of strong sex a few time ago, are shorts. They were favored by active and self-confident women. There must be a wide variety of lingerie in a wardrobe of every modern woman. It is hard to imagine a woman, who will not have at least one copy of each type of panties, because every day a woman should expect some kind of celebrations and adventures. So, women always want something new, both in colour gamut, in design and in types of model. Panties, which you can see in the online shop of clothing and underwear - Starstyle are new and will be delivered in a package.

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