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Usually clothing is divided into styles. Some wardrobe items will be ideal for parties and celebrations, but others for walks around the city, for official events or for office work. Jacket is an heir of tailcoats and blazers, today it is one of the most universal types of clothing, although originally it had a very businesslike, official character. This item initially appeared in wardrobe of strong sex as one of tailcoat parts, but after it got much more casual style, and it became a kind of “shortened jackets with the English collar and button fastening". From the 1860th started to sew a jacket in a set with waistcoat and trousers. However, a jacket, as well as many other types of clothing, had to appear in women`s wardrobe. How did it happen and which changes in a jacket were made, becoming the element of fair sex representatives` wardrobe? As all know well, woman always strived to achieve equal rights as strong sex had. Before that, ladies were forbidden to work or to visit certain institutions and events. It is absolutely natural that one fine moment women began to oppose actively these restrictions. American feminists became one of the first, who brought elements of men`s clothing to women`s everyday wardrobe. They wore men`s jackets and pants, as well as combined jackets with skirts and changed a bit these usual clothes. Thanks to Amelia Blumer, the editor of one of the most popular feminist magazine “The Lili” in 50-ties of nineteenth century trouser suits with jackets became very popular among members of the fair sex. However, quite soon trousers for a short time left women`s wardrobe due to numerous amount of caricatures, which were ridiculing feminists. But there still was a jacket that ladies, as well as before, liked to combine with skirts and dresses. In 1932 the actress Marlene Dietrich literally shocked the audience with her extravagant costume, which she put on during her current film presentation. Marlene came dressed in men`s clothing and with a cigar in teeth! She put on not just simple trousers and a jacket, but a real men`s tuxedo, which at that time was considered to be a solely men`s clothing! Nowadays, many women choose the restrained business style, and they like to combine elements of men`s wardrobe, such as, for example, jackets, with romantic, airy skirts and dresses. A long jacket, underneath the jacket is a little black dress, high heel shoes - this is one of the sexiest women`s images for today! And men assert with one voice, that they go crazy on such women`s clothing!

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