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StarStyle Discount Card

StarStyle offers a Customer Discount Card, which allows you to purchase items with a discount starting at 10% and special offers!


StarStyle Customer Discount Card Euro 5.00

When you make your next order, you need to enter your Customer Discount Card number. The discount will apply to your order by pressing the “REFRESH” button.


Карта Клиента StarStyle


Amount of the discount depends on the accumulated sum of purchases. The sums of all your purchases are registered in a database and accumulated over time.

To Eur 142.99 10%
From Eur 143.00 11%
FromEur 285.00 12%
From Eur 426.00 13%
From Eur 569.00 14%
From Eur 711.00 15%
From Eur 853.00 16%
From Eur 996.00 17%
From Eur 1138.00 18%
From Eur 1280.00 19%
From Eur 1422.00 20%

 Карта Клиента StarStyle


Example: You don`t need to make a purchase once for Eur 285.00, to obtain a 12% discount, the sum can be accumulated over a period of time.


If you want to find out your total accumulated sum of purchases, please contact us.


The more you use the Customer card, the greater the level of discount you will receive, and the more the sum of your purchases will decrease!


Please note!

StarStyle klienta karte 

oranža ikona  The Customer card is not a credit card or bank card. 
oranža ikona  The Customer card should not be given to other persons.
oranža ikona  The issuing office and owner of the Client card are Ltd. DIABELLA.
oranža ikona  Ltd. DIABELLA has the authority to change the terms of the Client cards, previously announcing the changes.
oranža ikona  In case of finding or losing a StarStyle client card, please contact us by e-mail: or call us at +37125917990.
oranža ikona  If You want to find out your total accumulated sum of purchases, please contact us.
oranža ikona  If You return your purchase, the total accumulated sum of purchases is decreased by the value of the return.

If the Client Card is not used for 6 (six) months, the discount rate is reduced to 0% (zero) percent.

We wish you a pleasant shopping experience!

Best regards,


Last changes: 06.02.2014.

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