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The tops available at the apparel and top online store of StarStyle are brand new and in their original packing. Female tops are the most comfortable and multifunctional item of female wardrobe making the life of a woman much easier if one wishes to dress casually but appear smart at the mean time. A top is a trustworthy piece of garment, if your life is saturated with various parties. Designers have not lost their ability to create a beautiful and interesting female top. Laced tops, asymmetric tops, knitted tops, tank tops, hooded tops and much more – it all finds a dear place in the hearts of women allowing them to look great in any situation, whether it is a friend get-together, formal meeting or a walk along the beach. Cool female tops suit well for the hottest of the seasons summer – summer tops are colorful, covered in floral textures, symmetric, with frills, straps or without. Just like with any other piece of apparel, a top may be complemented with various accessories allowing it to appear more colorful and interesting. Printed tops with various slogans, charismatic images and various motives are modern, while letting your feel great and cool. The most distinct advantage of a female top lies in the fact that one may wear anything with it, from smart trousers to playful skirts. We wish you a pleasant shopping experience at the online apparel store of StarSyle and may you purchase a top that suits you the best!It has been known for a long time, that clothing can be used not only for the right image creation, but also for the figure correction. Going to a shop and walking along shelves women try to find things, which will at the same time coincide with a number of requirements. First, the clothing must conform to the wearer`s style and must perfectly suit your existing wardrobe. Second, the dress should be modern and actual for this season. And third, clothes must fit your figure. Representatives of the fair sex have unique ability - at the first sight to define all advantages and disadvantages of clothing. For a woman it is enough to have few seconds to figure out whether this clothing will suit her or won`t. The main thing that should be remembered – there is no universal model of clothing, which will equally fit all women. There are several types of women`s figure and your choice should be made according to the type, which you belong to. Even such an elementary item of wardrobe, like a blouse, it is necessary to choose according to the type of the figure. If you have identical width of shoulders and hips, but the waist is narrow, then your figure type is "sand-glasses". Your main task is to make the width of shoulders visually smaller and to emphasize maximally your thin waist. Therein a quite short blouse with a deep V-neck cut and with expansion in the bottom of a blouse will help you. This will allow You also to accent Your décolleté. This type of blouses looks best with jeans. Next figure type - "rectangle". To this type of figure belong women, whose waist circumference has width close to hip and shoulder circumference. For ladies with such type of figure it is quite difficult to enlarge visually hips and make shoulder width smaller. Therefore you shouldn`t buy tight-fitting blouses. Your variant is loose enough in waist models with an expressed shoulder line. Better, without any patterns and other decorative elements. For the pear-shaped type of female figure are characteristic narrow shoulders and wide hips. It is the most widespread type of female figure. If you have a pear-shaped type of figure, we suggest you to choose a blouse with "balloon" sleeves. Besides the fact that you will look stylish and fashionable, it will allow you also to emphasize your waist. Another type of figure, when your shoulders are wider than hips, is called the "inverted triangle". The main task is to equalize proportions. You need to make the silhouette more womanlike and fragile. For this purpose a long enough blouse with straight cut and clearly marked lines will suit you the best. The best of all, this blouse will look with pants, which fall freely from the line of hips. As soon as you define your figure type, it will be much easier for you to find the appropriate clothing.

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